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Open Storage

Outdoor Open Storage

Secure Caravan storage in the Caboolture Area Secure Caravan storage in the Caboolture Area

In addition to our above-mentioned container storage, we also offer convenient outdoor, open storage areas with the option of gravel or concrete hardstand.

This outdoor storage space is ideal for cars, campervans, motorhomes, boats, trailers, trucks, motor homes, buses as well as for your earthmoving equipment, machinery and anything that can withstand the elements. Still protected by our security fencing and CCTV cameras, our open storage areas are part of our bigger storage facility and therefore monitored by our onsite caretaker.

Open from 5am to 7pm for 7 days a week

After hours access is available upon request

Our Prices

Open Storage – Gravel (car, boat, trailer, caravan, etc.)

Open Storage – Gravel (truck, bus, earthmoving equipment)

Open Storage – Concrete 3.0m Wide x 6.0m Deep

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Caboolture caravan storage

Shipping Container Storage

Caboolture caravan storage Caboolture caravan storage
Caravan storage Caboolture / Morayfied area

You have the choice of two shipping container sizes:

  • 20 feet long.
  • 40 feet long.

Every year millions of shipping containers are transported around the world, known for their strong, corrosion resistant and watertight construction. This is what makes them an excellent storage solution, offering protection against the elements and unwanted access.

Our shipping containers storage facility (and our original storage site) provides an excellent option for both businesses and residents looking to store everything from household items and furniture, electrical goods, excess stock and sporting equipment to bikes, motorbikes, boats, jet skis, cars, and camper trailers.

For your peace of mind, this part of our storage facility is located in Caboolture and is also enclosed by a 6ft high security fence and boosts modern 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

All our storage containers are kept at ground level and easily accessible with your car. We even have trolleys and packing material available.

Our Prices


40 ft Shipping Container
2.44m Wide x 12.19m Deep x 2.4m High


20 ft Shipping Container
2.44m Wide x 6.06m Deep x 2.4m High

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Open Storage & Shipping Container Storage rentals