What is Self Storage?

What is self-storage? Put simply, self-storage units or lockers are clean, easy-to-secure spaces rented at affordable rates. They can be rented based on size, length of stay, or any unique features you may require, such as outdoor vehicle storage. Read more for an in-depth understanding.


Key Takeaway Table

Aspect Key Takeaway
General Need for Space Space is a premium commodity in both personal and business contexts, with self-storage solutions offering a practical alternative to managing and securing valuables and long-term storage items alongside daily-use items.
Understanding Self-Storage Self-storage provides clean, secure, and easily accessible units with flexible rental terms. These units can be climate-controlled and are monitored 24/7 for security.
Types of Self-Storage Units Options include indoor (sometimes climate-controlled) and outdoor units, drive-up units for easy loading/unloading, and various sizes including lockers for smaller needs, catering to different requirements and budgets.
Reasons to Use Self-Storage Ideal for decluttering, moving, seasonal storage, securing valuables, and commercial storage, self-storage serves a wide range of needs, offering flexibility and peace of mind.
Choosing a Self-Storage Facility Facilities differ in focus (commercial vs. personal use), location, access times, and security measures. It’s important to consider customer reviews and possibly a trial period when selecting a facility.
Preparing for Self-Storage Check prohibited items, consider packaging and boxing for better preservation, and possibly opt for slightly more space than needed for ease of organization and access. Climate control is an option for sensitive items.
Access and Security Access and security protocols vary by facility. It’s crucial to discuss these aspects with staff, considering the facility’s reputation for safeguarding stored items.
Contact Stockade Storage Stockade Storage offers a convenient, secure solution for a range of storage needs with clean, climate-controlled facilities. They provide principled discretion and around-the-clock monitoring for peace of mind.

No matter where you live or what kind of business you run, you will need space for general life management. Unfortunately, space is costly, and often comes at a premium. Moreover, securing valuables, arranging your long-term storage in amongst your daily-used items, and keeping track of everything you own, well, it can be a hassle.

This is why self-storage solutions such as those offered by Stockade Storage have become so popular. Services like ours provide a one-stop shop for storing everything you could possibly need, with clean, safe, climate-controlled facilities monitored around the clock. 

We also care about privacy, providing our clients with the principled discretion they deserve when moving personal belongings from place to place. In this post, we’ll discuss what self-storage is, its best uses, and just how such an investment may benefit you personally:


Understanding Self Storage

Some choose to leave their items in self-storage overnight (such as when moving house and needing room to hold their belongings before they drive to their new property), or for many years, perhaps holding valuable items of sentimental value in a proven safe space.

Self-storage units are often highly affordable and offer flexible rental terms, with the self-service management ensuring you can come and go at your own pace. They’re also secured 24/7, with security staff, regular patrols, multiple secure locks and surveillance equipment preventing break-ins and thefts.

Self Storage Caboolture

Types of Self-Storage Units

Not all self-storage units are alike, which offers clients a vast array of options. For example, indoor vs. outdoor sheltered units can provide different features, the former sometimes offering climate control, while the latter may function as exterior, secure units similar to a garage space, where the temperature isn’t controlled.

Drive-up units allow you to park your car near your unit for easier offloading, while interior units are housed within the building and provide even further security. Of course, self-storage units are also categorised by size, as there’s no reason to pay for more space than you need – though remember you’ll require space to come in and out and store items correctly. In some cases, self-storage services offer lockers, which can provide a smaller amount of room but at more affordable rates.

Reasons to Use Self Storage

There are a plethora of reasons to use self-storage measures, and all are as valid as one another.

Some examples include:


  • Decluttering a home – perhaps when moving or organising the property of a lost loved one.
  • Moving house – having a “third place” to store your items can help you save costs on removalist fees, instead of collecting your items as and when you need them.
  • Seasonal storage – perhaps you have ski equipment, camera gear you use in the summer, or even too many clothes in your wardrobe – seasonal storage can be ideal for this.
  • Storing valuables – as safe as your home is, having a highly secure storage unit filled with valuable and sentimental property can grant you peace of mind.
  • Commercial storage – storing assets such as old office furniture can allow you to deal with less-pressing tasks (like selling these assets) later on.


Please note that these benefits are just several examples worth, and are in no way an exhaustive list. Every reason that falls within our terms of service is a valid one, and if you have any questions about unique accommodations, please contact us.

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Choosing a Self Storage Facility

It may seem as though all self-storage facilities are similar, and that many brands have a similar business model. This is untrue. Depending on the architecture, division, and utility of the space designed, self-storage facilities can differ quite dramatically.

Some may entirely pursue commercial clients, while others may be focused on individuals and residents. Location is by far one of the largest predictors of self-storage use, but if you’re storing your items for a long while, perhaps you don’t mind travelling some way for the best service.

Many self-storage facilities offer 24/7 access, but not all do. Moreover, some may have fewer or more security measures. It’s healthy to look at customer reviews and make your decision from there, or even test your chosen brand with a trial period.


Preparing for Self Storage

Few self-storage services will outright instruct you to bring and store your items within certain parameters. But of course, there are certain principles worth following. First, you must check the prohibited items list to avoid running afoul of the rules – any illegal possessions may be grounds to notify the authorities.

However, we’d recommend that you package your items before storage, and you can purchase boxes and other storage materials on-site if needed. Purchasing a little more space than you need can be ideal too, granting you more room to enter, organise, and select your items.

Boxing items can preserve them well, as while all storage units are free from leaks and pests, not all are climate-controlled unless explicitly stated. If you require any advice, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Access and Security

Depending on the service, access and security can differ. Almost all self-storage businesses will gain a reputation based on how well items are stored and protected, which is why many hire private or work with in-house security to keep their client’s belongings safe.

Please discuss access and security with staff on your arrival.


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Self-storage offers a convenient and secure solution for managing belongings, whether you’re decluttering, moving, or storing seasonal items. Stockade Storage provides clean, safe, and climate-controlled facilities monitored around the clock.

Consider self-storage options tailored to your needs today and experience the flexibility and peace of mind it offers.

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